SHOCK: New Poll Shows Dems’ Mammoth Congressional Lead for 2018 Has Disappeared


The Democrats in Congress, who must have thought that they would leave their GOP challengers in the dust in the 2018 election, must be looking in their rear-view mirrors in disbelief — a new poll shows that the once vaunted huge lead congressional Democrats held going into 2018 has plummeted to virtually nothing.

A new Monmouth University Poll, which was taken before President Trump’s State if the Union address, shows 47% of registered voters indicating they would vote for or lean toward voting for the Democratic candidate in their district compared to 45% who would support the Republican. That is an astonishing drop from last month, when a Monmouth poll found the Democrats with an enormous 15-point lead, 51% to 36%.

The shift among the public is also reflected in the poll’s numbers for President Trump; his approval rating last month was at a record low, 32%, but it has leaped to 42%. 55% of voters felt Trump has achieved some success in joining with Congress to pass his legislative agenda; in December that number stood at 42%. – READ MORE

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It’s no secret that many Democrats stayed seated in an apparent act of protest throughout much of Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night.

At times, the Democrat’s acts of protest were seen as disrespectful, particularly when many members of the party refused to stand or applaud for Trump’s lines about America being “One nation under God” or standing “for our national anthem.”

From the press gallery, this reporter could see many on the Democrat side of the aisle speaking in hushed tones while Trump was speaking or playing on their phones during the speech. – READ MORE

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