SCIENCE: Conservatives Are Hotter Than Liberals


We’ve all thought it, and now the social science is backing it up. Conservative men and women are hotter than liberals, finds a new study published by Cambridge University Press.

Researchers Rolfe Daus Peterson of Susquehanna University and Carl L. Palmer of Illinois State University examined the connection between attractiveness and political beliefs while controlling for socioeconomic status. They concluded that men and women with greater physical attractiveness and political efficacy tend to identify as conservative and/or Republican.

“Controlling for socioeconomic status, we find that more attractive individuals are more likely to report higher levels of political efficacy, identify as conservative, and identify as Republican,” found the researchers.

Peterson and Palmer said they “took advantage” of two datasets in particular to examine physical attractiveness in relation to political views: the 1972–74–76 American National Election Studies (ANES) panel and the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (WLS). – READ MORE

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