San Juan Mayor Attacks Trump: ‘Heartless,’ ‘Vengeful,’ ‘Willing To Let People Starve, To Let People Die’ (VIDEO)


On Tuesday, San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who has been harshly critical of President Trump’s rhetoric and actions vis-à-vis Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, hurled out her vitriol again as she spoke on MSNBC with host Nicole Wallace, calling Trump the “Faker-in-Chief,” intimating that he racially discriminates, and snapping that he “is heartless … vengeful …” and “willing to let people starve, to let people die.”

Wallace commented: “You had paper towels tossed in the faces of your citizens and your constituents. Does anything shock you any more from this president?”

Cruz: “It still continues to shock me.”

Wallace, laughing, “Me too!” – read more

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