Rudy Giuliani Promises To Share More “Private Text Messages” From “The Biden Crime Family”


As the furor over Twitter and Facebook’s attempts to censor Wednesday morning’s New York Post bombshell intensifies, Rudy Giuliani, who was named as the source of the documents in the NY Post story, just dropped a new video on Twitter where he outlines some of the alleged transgressions of “the Biden Crime Family”.

Earlier, the NYP exposed never-before-publicized emails suggesting that Joe Biden’s involvement with his son’s business endeavors was much more active than he led the world to believe.

In other words, if the emails are genuine (and nobody has offered any credible evidence yet to suggest that they aren’t) then it’s clear the Biden lied about having never discussed business with his son.

In a tweet, Giuliani confirmed that he has more material that has yet to see the light of day, and teased the public that it would soon be made available on his website, which he said he launched to stop big tech from censoring the story.

He teased more evidence and outlined more allegations against not only Hunter Biden, but “the Biden Crime family”, which he alleged benefited personally (and in the form of large payouts) from Joe Biden’s various “point man” posts during his time as vice president.

Giuliani starts off with Hunter, first relitigating the scandals in Ukraine and China, before claiming that Hunter Biden is was not a recovering crack addict at the time he was making these deals, but an active crack addict, a label Giuliani applied with emphasis. – READ MORE

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