Romney Doesn’t Back Amash on Trump Impeachment: ‘Don’t Have the Elements’ to Make Obstruction Case (VIDEO)


During an interview on Sunday, Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) shared his response to Rep. Justin Amash’s (R-Mich) comments supporting President Donald Trump’simpeachment.

As IJR previously reported, Amash’s comments make him the first Republican lawmaker to claim that the president’s actions are impeachable. Romney responded to this saying that he did not personally see the standard for impeachment being met.

“An impeachment call is not only something that relates to the law but considers practicality and politics. And the American people just aren’t there,” Romney said. “The Senate is certainly not there, either.”

Romney did not deny that he thought there was evidence of impeachable actions, but he clarified by saying that the evidence did not have all of the elements needed to make the case successful.

“I just don’t think that there is the full element that you need to prove an obstruction of justice case,” Romney said. “I don’t think impeachment is the right way to go.” – READ MORE

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