Reddit CEO Says He Screwed Up By Editing Trump Supporter Comments, But Still Suppresses Their Posts


Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, claimed in a recent interview that he made a mistake by editing users’ comments and wants the trust of the community back.

In the interview with Kara Swisher of Recode Decode, Huffman said, “I figured, I’m just going to mess with these bullies, and I actually have the capability of messing with them, so I’ll do so.”

“A toxic minority of people who are trying to re-normalize bigotry and bad behavior are undermining this message that 50 percent of country feels disenfranchised, is left out. Separating those two is not easy,” he told Swisher.

Though Huffman admitted that he screwed up and wants Reddit users’ trust back, he still suppresses certain posts from /r/The_Donald. – READ MORE

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