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The Great Fake Out: Mainstream Media And Election 2016


Embarrassing fake news, the Green Party recount, Donald Trump scolding the media elite; one thing is clear from this election: the media cabal lost big time. While publishers pride themselves on being balanced reporters, our new “self-broadcaster-elect” (Donald Trump) kept them off balance throughout the campaign. Missing the true signal lost in the noise has dented their credibility and put them on the wrong side of the biggest upset in memory.

From his humble cell phone ‘broadcast station,’ Trump sent messages around the world in an instant. Twittering enabled him to send (and see) signals that the pollsters at CNN or MSNBC or The New York Times overlooked. Their reporters, editors and commentators saw what they wanted to see. They fell for their own biases. Therefore, they ended up promoting self-reinforcing un-truths. – READ MORE

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