Rapper Talib Kweli: ‘Nazi Germany Had a Wall Called the Berlin Wall’


Rapper Talib Kweli Gave His Fans An Incredibly Wrong History Lesson Friday, Saying That The Berlin Wall Was Created By Nazi Germany And Was Proof Of How “walls Didn’t Work For Nazis.”

“So, you’re unaware of the fact that nazi Germany had a wall called the Berlin Wall that was torn down in 1991 in order to foster humanity and diversity? Walls didn’t work for Nazis so why build them here? Build bridges not walls Nazi lover,” Talib Kweli said in response to another social media user.

Of course, the Berlin Wall was erected not by Nazi Germany, but by socialist East Germany, which was under the occupation of the communist Soviet Union at the time.

Also, unlike President Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the United States-Mexico border, the Berlin Wall was created to stop people from leaving East Germany’s occupation to travel into free West Berlin.- READ MORE

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