PSA: If you’re not morbidly obese, you’d better check your ‘thin privilege’ (VIDEO)


There’s a new campaign aimed at forcing people who are not morbidly obese to acknowledge their “thin privilege,” as the movement against fat-shaming ratchets up another level.

Last week, BBC Sesh — an offshoot of the British Broadcasting Network aimed at 18- to 34-year-olds — tweeted a video from plus-size lifestyle blogger Michaela Gingell, where she explains “what thin privilege is and how it impacts her life.”

Gingell, who blogs under the name Cardiffornia Gurl, begins her message by insisting that thin privilege is a very real thing, arguing that “if you’re thin, you have a certain privilege,” because “everyday tasks that a thinner person can take for granted can leave a plus-size person like myself feeling full of anxiety, burden, and upset.”

The video shows Gingell out in the world where fat people have problems, such as on the subway where others make them feel uncomfortable, or at a bakery where they might be judged for their choices. In both scenes, she is seen eating while making the case for her oppression.

While Gingell does not explicitly define what it means for an individual to be considered a “thin” person, she explains that you likely have thin privilege if you can go shopping for clothes “and take an outfit away that very same day.” – READ MORE

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