Pro-Gun Student During CNN Panel: Left Won’t Stop Until They Take Away ‘Every Arm in America’ (VIDEO)


During a CNN panel with high school students on gun control, the teens went through the arguments surrounding the recent surge in activism against gun violence, and one student found himself on the defense as he argued in favor of the Second Amendment and decried what he saw as a slippery slope of firearm bans.

After several students on the panel voiced their support for a ban on assault weapons, Jacob Scott, a Florida student, expressed his worry that such a ban would just be a step closer toward a complete abolition of guns in America.

Another teen on the panel, Parker Delmoe, said he’d be open to universal background checks as a measure to prevent gun violence without an absolute ban on certain firearms, but Scott was having none of it.

“The issue here is the politicians on the left are trying to take away the gun rights one by one,” Scott argued. “It will start with assault rifles, and then it will continue until they take every arm in America away from the people.” – READ MORE

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