Portland Prosecutors Must Want More Violence. They Just Dropped Charges Against Dozens of Criminal Rioters.


Portland prosecutors just dropped the charges against Black Lives Matter and antifa rioters who have turned downtown Portland into a hell-scape after six weeks of rioting. Rioters who are arrested are ticketed and released.

There’s an old saying from the Bible that has been adapted by management gurus: What gets rewarded gets repeated. Using that logic, Portland has just signed itself up for more riots.

KGW TV looked at the arrests and prosecutions of the 400 people caught by the Portland police at the riots. Multnomah County prosecutors dropped the charges against 59 of the protesters.

Dozens of protesters arrested during mass demonstrations in downtown Portland have had their criminal charges dropped and cases closed.

KGW analysis of police and court records shows the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office dropped charges against at least 59 of the roughly 400 protesters arrested since mass demonstrations started in Portland in late May. – READ MORE

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