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PHOTOS: The Jaguar XKSS, famed ride of King of Cool, is new again


You might remember earlier this year, when we told you Jaguar had confirmed that it would follow up the limited-run of continuation E-Types – completely new, built from scratch classics – with a new run of the impossibly cool XKSS. Those folks in Coventry weren’t pulling our leg, because we’re here in LA and the brand new XKSS is here, too.

Actually, they’re 60 years late. If you remember the story we told you when Jaguar said it’d be building these things, there were originally to be 25 cars in total. 16 were built, and the other nine were destroyed in a fire at the Browns Lane factory. Thus, nine original XKSS cars have been missing, and the nine XKSSs that Jaguar will build for a cool £1 million each will round out the initial production run. – READ MORE

xkss-rear-3-4-1 xkss-front-3-4-1 xkss-front-1 xkss-profile-1


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