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PHOTOS: The Rezvani Beast Alpha coupe has the craziest doors you’ll see today


Irvine, CA,-based supercar builder Rezvani unveiled its latest model, the Beast Alpha, at this year’s Los Angeles auto show. The car is a $200,000, 500-horsepower, hardtop cousin of the Beast two-seat roadster. The Beast Alpha is actually a little slower to 60 mph than the roadster, taking 3.2 seconds with the sequential automatic compared to the 2.7 seconds in the normal Beast. The reason for this is probably the extra 300 pounds the coupe carries. But the Beast Alpha gets a few nice livability features in return.

It should also be mentioned that the Beast Alpha, despite the extra weight, is not a heavy car. It weighs just 1,950 pounds. And as for those livability upgrades, the most obvious one is the covered roof, which also happens to be removable, so you can still get some air through the cockpit. It’s likely the hardtop improves aerodynamics as well, since the Beast Alpha has a top speed of 175 mph, as opposed to the roadster’s 165 mph top speed. The second new feature is obvious only when someone gets in or out. Rezvani equipped the car with doors that may have found the final frontier of door opening mechanics. They’re called “SideWinder” doors, and they pop out and slide forward. Like on a Koenigsegg, you’ll want to stay away from other cars and high curbs when parking. – READ MORE

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