Perfect: Bill de Blasio Will Be Replaced by a Cop or a Vigilante


We kinda/sorta have the result of the convoluted ranked-choice Democratic primary, and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is likely to be declared the winner. Adams is a retired NYPD officer who will now face Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa in the election.

As my colleague John Sexton wrote over at Hot Air, this almost certainly means that Adams is going to be New York’s next mayor.

That’s right, de Blasio the cop-hater is going to be replaced by… a cop.

What makes it all the more delicious is that the alternative that the citizens of New York will have on the ballot is Sliwa, who was so sick of crime in New York in the 1970s that he was compelled to form a vigilante group to patrol the subways and keep people safe.

This race almost reads like a movie script.

It is also a perfect indication of just how wrong the Democrats were about law enforcement and Americans’ feelings toward crime last summer. Or ever.- READ MORE

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