Pelosi Vows No Gov’t Shutdown, Says She’ll Work with Trump on All but the Wall


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed that come February 15, the deadline for funding the federal government, House and Senate lawmakers would work out a deal to avoid another government shutdown.

Her prediction leans more toward the notion that Republican lawmakers wouldn’t dare risk another political beating after the first shutdown showdown, rather than knowledge of a pending deal.

“I have a club that I started, it’s called the ‘Too Hot to Handle Club,’” she apparently joked.

“And this is a too-hot-to-handle issue.”

Still no wall? Pelosi insisted there are a variety of issues she’d be willing to compromise with the president on — lowering prescription drug prices, protecting people with pre-existing conditions, and rebuilding infrastructure — except the border wall.

“She remains firm that there won’t be new money for Trump’s wall,” Politico reports. – READ MORE

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