On ‘Day One,’ Joe Biden’s Transgender Executive Order Destroys Women’s Rights


As one of President Joe Biden’s many “day one” promises, he signed an Executive Order titled “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation,” standing as immediate and irrefutable evidence that Biden will be far from the bulwark against radicalism that many moderates hoped he would be.

On the surface, any “anti-discrimination” language sounds perfectly agreeable. After all, who is in favor of discrimination? The American Civil Liberties Union applauded Biden’s order on “LGBTQ workplace protections,” saying, “This action by the Biden administration recognizes what the Supreme Court held last June and what we’ve long known: LGBTQ people are protected by our civil rights laws.”

Like so many demands of the transgender movement, however, such “progress” comes at a significant cost. Who pays the price? Women, our society’s most vulnerable.

The key to judging any legislation (whether delivered through Congress or with the dictatorial stroke of a monarch’s pen) is to look beyond the “feel good” title and understand its impact and consequences. The first step here is to actually read the Executive Order.- READ MORE

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