NPR Takes Heat on Twitter for Hitting Trump with a ‘Fact Check’ After He Applauded Women in Congress


As President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union address, some reporters were eager to check his facts as he delivered the speech, but many felt a fact check from NPR was too eager.

During his speech, President Trump congratulated the congresswomen and female senators for being a part of the largest class of female legislators in Congress. In one of the largest applauses of the night, almost every member in the chamber was on their feet clapping for the historical achievement acknowledged by the president.

The moment was especially unifying because most of the women in Congress are members of the Democratic Party. The congresswomen, dressed in white as an ode to the suffragettes, were all celebrating Trump’s remarks.

Despite the moment being one of the most unifying and uplifting of the evening, NPR still chose to fact check his statement.

Many, from both sides of the political spectrum, found this fact check to be petty and unnecessary. Others just mocked the fact check by comparing other irrelevant situations.- READ MORE

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