Now people are mad about ‘Joker’ because it features a popular song by a convicted pedophile


“Joker” is at the center of a brand-new controversy — this time surrounding music featured in one of the more pivotal scenes in the film.

The new Warner Bros. film faced harsh criticism before it even debuted, with people concerned about the feature of gun violence in the film, and later, security threats at screenings of the film. Warner Bros. eventually ended up restricting press access at the premiere event to photographers only.

Now, people are angry about the film because it features 75-year-old convicted pedophile Gary Glitter’s popular “Rock & Roll Part 2.”

CNBC reported that Glitter — who’s real name is Paul Francis Gadd — could stand to make a substantial amount in royalties as a result of being featured in the hit film.

Many social media users are crying out against the film for featuring the 1972 hit song. – READ MORE

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