CNN Offers Place Where Millennials Can Complain How Hard Their Lives Are


On Monday, CNN advertised a new site that would be available for millennials to complain how their lives were harder than their parents. CNN tweeted, “Are you a millennial who feels like it’s harder to get ahead than it was for your parents? The data shows you’re not alone. Tell us your story at [email protected]

As journalist Jesse Singal has pointed out, there are two views of just which age group constitutes millennials. Singal noted, “I was born in 1983, which means I’m part of the generation, whether one uses the Census Bureau’s definition (born 1982-2000) or Pew’s (about 1981-1997).”

CNN has been seemingly obsessed with courting millennials; they published a piece in October 2018, just before the congressional midterms, in which they breathlessly stated:

Millennials could be one of the biggest political forces in America today, if they wanted. Defined by Pew as those born between 1981 to 1996, millennials make up about 22% of the US population, and at some point between November’s midterms and the 2020 election, they’re expected to surpass baby boomers as America’s largest living generation. They’re a massive voting bloc, capable of setting policy priorities and swinging elections. They’re also grossly underrepresented in American politics. – READ MORE

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