Nick Sandmann Returns To March For Life One Year After Media Smear Him: ‘I Will Never Pass On An Opportunity To March For Life!’


On Friday, Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann returned to the March for Life, one year after the media viciously smeared him and his peers following the pro-life event.

“I will never pass on an opportunity to March for Life!” the teenager captioned four photos from the history-making march.

Following the march in 2019, Sandmann and his classmates were harassed and called racially-charged names by Black Hebrew Israelite activists while waiting for their bus back to Kentucky. Native American activist Nathan Phillips then confronted Sandmann, who tried to deescalate the situation. In an out-of-context clip that quickly went viral, however, the media claimed it was Sandmann who was harassing Phillips. – READ MORE

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