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Newsweek Piece Blasts Trump Women As ‘Horrifying’


A Newsweek piece published Thursday complained that the Trump women wear high heels, claiming that their shoe choices make the women “horrifying.”

“Melania, Ivanka, and Ivana Trump Wear High Heels, A Symbol Of Everything That Is Beautiful And Horrifying About Them,” says the article’s headline.

The author, Nina Burleigh, claims that stiletto heels are out of fashion but that doesn’t stop the Trump women from “molding their arches into the supranatural curve that Mattel toy designers once devised for Barbie’s plastic feet.”

The reason, according to Burleigh? The Trump women are trained in the art of high heels from a young age and use them to attract men.

“Historically, the Trumpian women’s shoe of choice was invented not for women but for aristocratic men, men who would never have to work, and who didn’t have to walk much but were carried in litters or carriages,” Burleigh explains. “Paintings of Louis XIV, the Sun King, show him sporting red-soled heels, posing with one foot forward and pointed out— much like Ivana and Ivanka Trump in countless photographs over the years.”

Another convenient historical fact that Burleigh throws in is that the high heels were first worn by “Italian prostitutes in the 17th century” and were used in Victorian porn.

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel slammed the piece in a tweet, calling it “offensive and demeaning.”

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