WATCH: NBC Correspondent Lays Out The Democrats’ ‘Cultural Struggle’


NBC’s Kasie Hunt reminded “Morning Joe” on Friday that the Democrats are still dealing with a major “cultural problem.”

On the show, NBC’s John Heilemann outlined a cultural divide in America between people who support Donald Trump and the liberal elite society.

“If you’re for Donald Trump you’re for one set of values and if you’re for the Democratic Party you’re for another set of values which are liberal, elitist, and cosmopolitan,” Heilemann said.

Kasie Hunt seemed unsatisfied with Heilemann’s view of the country, arguing that there also exists a cultural divide between establishment types and outsiders, especially in the Democratic Party.

“I actually would take issue with one of your basic assumptions,” she told Heilemann. “I think it’s one thing we don’t totally have our heads around yet, which is the Democratic Party has its own cultural struggle going on.”

“I mean you look at the people that showed up at Bernie Sanders rallies…there were a lot of blue collar people,” she continued. “And I think to a certain extent Hillary Clinton and the Jeb Bushes of the world are in a different category from Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump voters.”


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