Newsroom targeted in shooting ran story on suspect’s harassment conviction


The man who is reportedly suspected of gunning down five people in the Capital Gazette newsroom in Maryland on Thursday had been convicted of harassing a former high school classmate over Facebook, reports and court records show.

Jarrod Ramos contacted a woman who he knew from Arundel High School over the social media network in 2009 and eventually called her vulgar names and told her to kill herself, according to an article published in the Capital Gazette in 2011.

“I just thought I was being friendly,” the woman said in court about the messages with Ramos, who has been nabbed by cops and identified as the alleged gunman according to CNBC.

“But when it seemed to me that it was turning into something that gave me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach… I tried to slowly back away from it, and he just started getting angry and vulgar to the point I had to tell him to stop.”

The article may have sparked Ramos’ feud with the Gazette as he accused it of defamation after its publication. – READ MORE

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