News Corp CEO Targets Facebook, Google, Amazon, Calls for ‘Algorithm Review Board’


A major media company is publicly launching a campaign that would add a level of transparency to the methods by which Facebook and other tech giants display content to their users.

The Hill cited a statement this week by News Corp CEO Robert Thompson in which he endorsed the formation of an “algorithm review board” that would expose any restrictions or preferences in how these companies provide certain content, as well as how those determinations are made.

News Corp is the parent company of multiple major firms, including The Wall Street Journal and publisher HarperCollins, and has submitted an official complaint in Australia against Facebook, Google and Apple specifically.

Thompson’s comments to investors offer additional context to his company’s concern about the often clandestine practices of these tech companies and others. He encouraged exploration of additional government regulation that would allow users to better understand how these companies decide which content they promote.

“The sheer amount of personal data collected by Facebook, Google and Amazon means that governments are rightly considering the establishment of an algorithm review board, which, if properly conceived, would provide the necessary transparency for individuals, clients and competitors concerned about algorithmic abuse,” he said. – READ MORE

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