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Newly-Released Footage Shows The Moment A Gunman Opened Fire On GOP Baseball Team (VIDEO)


A newly-released video shows the chaos surrounding a gunman opening fire on a GOP congressional baseball team practice Wednesday morning.

In exclusive footage obtained by the New York Post, a man was passing by Eugene Simpson Stadium Park with his dog when James Hodgkinson started shooting at Republican lawmakers.

The man moved with his dog behind a trashcan and continued to videotape as the scene played out.

“Put the gun down!” police officers can be heard yelling at the shooter as rapid shots ring out.

One player still wearing a batting helmet can be seen running in front of the camera as police return fire on the gunman. Other players are huddled around and behind an SUV near home plate.


“Do we know where he’s at?” the cameraman asks.

“He’s behind home plate,” someone responds.

After more shots, the camera focuses on a player lying down in the middle of the field. This person could be Republican Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, who was shot in the hip while fielding ground balls at second base. According to eyewitness accounts, Scalise was able to drag himself to the outfield to get away from the shooter.

“Hey, is that guy okay out there?” the cameraman asks. “Is anybody talking to him?”

The police apparently managed to hit the gunman, as they are then heard yelling at him to “stay down!”

“That was one hell of a way to start the fucking morning,” the cameraman says as he cuts the video off.

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