New Jersey To Become 9th State To Adopt “Universal Mail-In Voting”


It appears media organizations including Bloomberg have corroborated a CNN report published Thursday claiming that New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (a former Goldman Sachs executive) is preparing to announce Friday that the state’s November election will be conducted mostly via mail-in ballots.

The announcement, likely the latest bit of political posturing by a governor who clearly craves the national profile enjoyed by his colleague in Albany, comes as President Trump’s political opponents rail against Trump’s remark about defunding the US post office to ensure that mail in voting won’t be an option. Though these appear to be more inflammatory words as Trump continues his strategy of playing purely to his base, many critics on Twitter are complaining about Trump threatening “the last shred of democracy we have left”, even though he later said he “wouldn’t veto” a bill with the funding attached (it’s basically a re-run of when Trump suggested that the election should be delayed).

After conducting its primaries almost entirely by mail, NJ would become the ninth state to move to this type of voting for the Nov. 3 presidential vote. Washington DC also plans to automatically send ballots to registered voters.

News of the plan, which was first reported by a local paper by the New Jersey Globe before it was picked up by CNN, followed the controversy over Trump’s remark by just a few hours. – READ MORE

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