Nadler Will Get Trump Re-Elected: Graham Slams Dems ‘Going Nuts’ Over Russia Investigation (VIDEO)


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is pointing fingers at who will get President Donald Trump re-elected in 2020 due to their continued press on the Russia investigation even after its conclusion.

“My problem is not with Richard Burr, my problem is the system,” Graham later added.

Graham said he’s worried about “when’s enough, enough” in regard to the investigation.

“What you see happening is congressional committees are now beginning to take the place of prosecutors, and that’s dangerous for us all,” he said. “[…] These people are going nuts.

“So  Nadler is going to get Trump re-elected more than any single person on the planet,” Graham suggested. “But  Schiff is a close second.” – READ MORE

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