Mystery as Cryptic Tweet FIVE MONTHS AGO Predicted Exact Day of COVID-19 Second Wave


If you take the time to scan the news today — Sept 22, 2020 — throughout the world, you will notice a very large push for the ‘second wave’ or new phase of a COVID-19 ‘pandemic.’ In fact, the hype is very hard to miss. Most mainstream publications globally have started within the past 24 hours to push and even use more fear to sell the second phase of infection — even where there is no or little statistical proof of such infections. It matters little.

We travel back to to May 16, 2020 — more than five months ago — and the mystery of the predictable ‘second phase’ deepens.

Per the prophetic Tweet, Paine called for the second phase to commence on this very date — “9.22.20 Dusting off my crystal ball. #secondphase” And a brief scan of only a small sample of headlines today (there are literally hundreds to choose from) has proven that prediction. See for yourself. The global cabal as of today are spewing the same talking points throughout the world, as well as the United States. Coincidence? Hardly.

Is it just another ‘conspiracy theory’ when it is predicted months and months before and right down to the very day? Hardly.

See below and notice the date stamps from the worldwide mainstream media.

Top of Drudge 9/21 thru 9/22 (today):

China Sept. 22, 2020:

Daily Mail Sept. 22, 2020::

Italy Sept. 22, 2020:

Scotland Sept. 22, 2020:


Netherlands Sept. 22, 2020:

Thailand Sept. 22, 2020:

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