Military Tweets About Dropping Bombs On New Years, Internet Explodes


In a since-deleted tweet, U.S. Strategic Command caused a bit of a stir after they blasted out a New Year’s Eve message playing on the “ball drop” tradition.

U.S. Strategic Command, the unified command that oversees global strikes and strategic deterrence, joined in the holiday celebration Monday with a tweet one Democratic member of the House Armed Services Committee decried as “tacky” and some particularly outraged folks online said made them feel “unsafe.”

The tweet triggered a series of outraged posts and concerned reports, including from HuffPost and CNN.

CNN went nuclear on the post, literally: “While the bombs depicted in the video — known as ‘bunker busters’ — are conventional, not nuclear, the tweet seems to serve as a reminder to the rest of the world that the US military maintains the largest and most capable weapons in the world,” CNN reported. – READ MORE

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