Mike Rowe Destroys Reader, Says Higher Education Is ‘Under Attack’ From ‘Within’


Mike Rowe destroyed a reader who accused of him of belittling the benefits of college, saying higher education is indeed “under attack” but it’s not from him.

The comments came in response to a reader who questioned if Rowe’s intent was to make those who “choose college to feel ashamed, lazy and brainwashed” and said that he is “supplying more ammunition to those attacking” higher education after he posted an article that “dared to question the wisdom of a four-year degree.”

“You’re right – our countries educational system is indeed under attack. But the attack is from within, and the wounds are self-inflicted,” Rowe explained in his post Friday on Facebook. “The hypocrisy in our educational system is rank, the bias undeniable, the disrespect for our flag ubiquitous, and the entire ‘safe space’ mentality the exact opposite of what life is like in the real world.”

“Higher education has created its own PR nightmare,” he added. “Is it any wonder parents are trying to figure out if their kids should be sent into such a lopsided environment? Is it any wonder reasonable people are beginning to question the value of a four-year degree?” – READ MORE

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