Michigan House Rejects Lockdown Extension, Votes To Sue Gov. Whitmer Instead


On Thursday, the Republican-led House in Michigan rejected a 28-day coronavirus emergency lockdown order extension from Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Instead, the legislative body voted to authorize a lawsuit challenging the Democrat’s authority.

“Whitmer asked the Legislature to approve a 28-day extension of the emergency declaration, which expires Thursday night,” ABC 12 News reported. Instead, the House voted to allow Speaker Lee Chatfield to sue the governor over her “unchecked and undemocratic approach” in handling the virus.

“Members of the Republican-led House passed bills that would replace a series of orders issued by Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer with state laws passed through the normal democratic process, according to Speaker Lee Chatfield,” the report said. “He said Republicans support decisive action to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but Whitmer’s ‘unchecked and undemocratic approach’ is not the best way.”

“The current status quo relies on one-size-fits-all edicts that unfairly punish millions of people across the state without giving them any recourse or voice in the process,” said Chatfield, according to ABC 12. “The people deserve a better solution, and we can provide it.”

Whitmer’s draconian and bizarrely inconsistent lockdown measures have sparked protests demanding the state be liberated. “The latest round of protests came on Thursday as the emergency order was set to expire,” The Daily Wire noted. “Many protesters, some carrying firearms, entered the state capitol building after the weather turned sour.” – READ MORE

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