Mexican cartel massacre suspects arrested in attack that left 9 Americans dead, government says


A major military operation Sunday jointly carried out by three branches of the Mexican armed forces netted several suspects accused in the November massacre that claimed nine members of a well-known Mexican-American family believed to have been targeted by a drug cartel, federal authorities in the country said in a statement.

The federal attorney general’s office didn’t specify how many suspects were rounded up in the military show-of-force, however, local newspaper El Universal reported at least three were arrested.

It’s the third time the Mexican government has announced arrests in the case. In at least one of the previous cases, it was later determined those arrested were not linked to the massacre.

Nine members of the LeBaron family — who lived in a faith-based community in La Mora, northern Mexico and had dual U.S.-Mexican citizenship — were shot to death Nov. 4 by suspected drug cartel gunmen. – READ MORE

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