Media Reactions to Trump Nobel Nomination are Totally Different From When They Covered Obama’s Nomination


Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and the mainstream media is still wrapping its mind around it.

CBS News, HuffPost and the Washington Post each published pieces mocking the nomination or otherwise condemning the idea.

Presidents are known by one sentence, the CBS piece begins,quoting Clare Booth Luce of the Time magazine empire.

“Which brings us to Donald Trump, our frequently offensive, quite possibly bigoted, scattershot, ill-tempered and characterologically deficient president,” the piece, by Will Rahn, said. “Will his sentence be that he brought peace to Korea, forestalled a nuclear conflict, and won a Nobel Peace Prize in the process?’

It’s not that big a deal anyway, Rahn wrote.

“It’s unclear how much stock should be put into the Nobel Peace Prize, an award that exists largely to sanctify the political opinions of Scandinavian elites,” Rahn wrote. “And why are Trump’s fans apparently so keen on him winning a Nobel? It’s not because they’re up reading the latest Council of Foreign Relations reports. It’s because the last American president they didn’t like won one in his first year on the job just for showing up.”

That’s not the tone CBS News took when President Obama won the award in his first few weeks in office.

“President Obama had changed the tone of American diplomacy, particularly in contrast to the Bush years,” CBS News’ Mark Phillips wrote at the time. “As more than one commentator had put it, the Bush/Cheney administration had used diplomacy as a last resort.”READ MORE

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