Salon: Female Candidates ‘Will Inevitably Face’ Sexism Like Clinton Did


Women are running for office in record numbers in this year’s midterm elections, and according to Salon, should look out for the sexism “they will inevitably face” and have a strategy for dealing with it.

Failure to do so might have cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election, the Salon piece, published Thursday.

“No serious person can doubt that sexism was an enormous factor in the 2016 election and played a major role in Clinton’s defeat,” wrote Salon’s Amanda Marcotte.

“The overhyped stories about Clinton’s emails, the ridiculous hysteria about her health and the snarky comments about her perfectly normal voice all fed stereotypes that women, especially ambitious women, are too corrupt, fragile or shrill to compete with men for power,” Marcotte wrote.

“The misogynistic undertones (or overtones) of much campaign coverage helped drive down Clinton’s lead just enough that a few districts in a few states tilted the Electoral College vote towards Trump, even as she won the popular vote by a substantial margin.” – READ MORE

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