McCabe Once Suspended Agent Without Pay for Same Thing Sessions Fired Him Over


You probably haven’t heard of Humphries. Back in 2017, Humphries — a 21-year veteran of the FBI, the same as McCabe — complained to the Tampa Times of a double standard in how the Michael Flynn and David Petraeus cases had been handled by the FBI.

So, who ordered an investigation into Humphries that led to a 60-day suspension and Humphries’ eventual resignation from the Bureau? Why, none other than Andrew McCabe.

The story of Humphries’ involvement in the Petraeus case is a rather torturous one. As the Tampa Times points out, Humphries came into the spotlight in 2012 “after family friend Jill Kelley reached out to him about a troubling e-mail received by then-Marine Gen. John Allen, one of her military friends. It ‘disparaged Kelley and made reference to an upcoming dinner they were having with several senior foreign intelligence, defense and diplomatic officials,’ according to court documents later filed.”

Kelley was concerned about a possible breach of security, considering that Gen. Allen had recently taken over for Gen. David Petraeus in Afghanistan after Petraeus became President Barack Obama’s CIA director. After turning it over to his FBI office’s cyber crimes investigator in June of 2012, he noticed that the investigation was being delayed.

You may perhaps know what happened next, but TL;DR version for those who don’t: The investigation eventually revealed Petraeus was having an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, and had also passed confidential information to her. That led to his political downfall.


“Humphries said that in August of 2017, McCabe’s office asked the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, its internal affairs branch, to investigate him for unauthorized communications with the media,” the Times reported. – READ MORE

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