Marine walks more than 800 miles around Lake Michigan in 42 days to raise awareness for veteran suicide


In the last month, a Michigan Marine veteran has been raising awareness for veteran suicide after the loss of one of his brothers.

Travis Snyder completed walking more than 800 miles in 42 days around Lake Michigan – walking close to 25 miles a day.

As the issue to help veterans returning from combat and keep them from committing suicide is growing nationwide, Snyder said his mission is to be a healer and do his part for the greater good.

“It’s never wrong to run on faith and take a chance on something, especially if you believe in that,” Snyder told FOX 17 at the start of the mission. “For those that are following and have been a part of this journey with me, if you are hurting, I want them to know that they have a purpose. They have a reason to stay. They are needed. They’re wanted and they’re loved.” – READ MORE

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