MSNBC President Waved Zoomed-In Photo Of Maria Menounos’ Vagina At Staff Meeting: Report


The current president of MSNBC waved around a zoomed-in photo of the vagina of popular TV personality Maria Menounos at a staff meeting, a new book from journalist Ronan Farrow reveals.

According to sources in Farrow’s new book, “Catch and Kill,” MSNBC head Phil Griffin was known for his crass remarks. At a staff meeting, a source detailed that a “smirking” Griffin once “waved around a printed page bearing a zoomed-in image” of Menounos’ vagina — the former “Access Hollywood” host apparently suffered a wardrobe malfunction while wearing a bikini in public.

“Would you look at that?” Griffin reportedly said of the photo, as he “exhaled hard.”

“Not bad, not bad,” he added.

Journalist Yashar Ali obtained the troubling excerpt from “Catch and Kill” and posted it to social media on Saturday. – READ MORE

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