MAGA: In Just 2 Months, Trump Reduced National Debt Enough to Pay for Wall


According to a daily history of the national debt compiled by Treasury Direct, the national debt stood at $21,119,428,167,134.32 on April 2.

That amount fluctuated for several days before dropping substantially to a low point of $21,030,629,980,055.97 on May 1, prior to increasing somewhat, quite possibly the result of tax revenues flooding into the treasury over the course of the month.

As of June 1, the national debt stood at $21,083,101,841,090.82, a difference of $36.3 billion.

The national debt is known to fluctuate slightly from time to time from a myriad of factors, and though the president’s detractors would be loath to admit it, there is little doubt that Trump’s economic policies have played a role in this admittedly marginal reduction of the debt.

That said, $36 billion is not an amount that can be dismissively waved away, and signifies real money that could be used to fund other initiatives of the president that Congress seems incapable of funding.

Such as a border wall, perhaps?  – READ MORE

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