Limbaugh: Here’s How We Know Democrats Believe Trump Is Going To Win In 2020


Rush Limbaugh started his show Tuesday in medias res, launching right into the ongoing national discussion about the question that Democrats in particular are obsessing over night and day: Will Trump be re-elected in 2020? The answer in most Democrats’ minds, Limbaugh insisted, is yes. And some of the big stories of the week are yet more evidence of that fact, he suggested.

“No, no,” said Rush to kick off his three-hour radio program Tuesday. “I think it means the Democrats expect Trump to be reelected. And look, after that CPAC speech Saturday, everybody knows he’s gonna be reelected. A couple more of those, and it’s over.”

How do we know that everybody, particularly Democrats, already knows Trump’s going to be president for four more years? Because “Democrats are telling us they think that he’s gonna be reelected. That’s what Nadler’s doing. This witch hunt.”

After teasing his big topic of the day, Limbaugh provided some of the key evidence for his claim. Citing a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll published Monday that shows Trump’s approval at 46%, Limbaugh exclaimed: “They’re dying on the left!”

“They’re dying! They have focused everything they’ve got on running Trump’s numbers down, as you’ve now heard me say I don’t know how many millions of times, to the twenties and thirties,” he said. “That has been the objective all along. That’s been the objective of the Mueller probe; it’s been the objective of all this attention is to separate Trump from his supporters and finally create that wedge. It’s failed.” – READ MORE

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