WATCH: Trump fulfills terminally ill man’s dying wish with phone call


President Trump and Eric Trump fulfilled a terminally ill Connecticut man’s dying wish with a phone call on Tuesday evening — and all it took was a little help from the man’s sister, an elected Democrat.

44-year-old Jay Barrett, of West Haven, who has cystic fibrosis, left a hospital to begin palliative care at his sister’s home last weekend and asked for some sort of contact with the president before he dies.


“Alright Jay, you look handsome to me. I just saw a picture of you.” Trump began, in a video of the call posted to YouTube

Barrett responded: “Oh, you’re giving me kind honors. I look like sh–.” That prompted Trump to laugh and ask, “How are you doing? How is it going Jay? … You’re a champ. You’re fighting it right?”

“That’s what the Irish do — right?” Barrett answered.

“Yeah that’s what the Irish do — you better believe it,” Trump said. – READ MORE

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