Kim Dotcom: We’ll expose ‘trail of US government abuse’ via extradition appeal livestream

Megaupload founder, wanted by the US on copyright infringement charges, is “looking forward” to livestreaming his extradition appeal as it will unveil a whole “trail of government abuse”, Kim Dotcom and his lawyer told RT.

“You’re going to see a trail of government abuse…you’re going to see that the United State came to New Zealand, got involved in a raid… and the court is going to hear all this,” Ira Rothken, Kim Dotcom’s lawyer told RT hoping the live streaming which is to begin next week will help his defendant win his case and expose government wrongdoing.

“We look forward to the entire world shining a light on this government abuse through this livestream and this is exactly how democracy should work and we’re very optimistic. It shows Kim Dotcom’s innovative mind and brilliance to go ahead and use the internet as a way to actually show the world what’s going wrong with the government…”

Despite huge opposition from the US, a New Zealand court last week granted permission for Kim Dotcom to livestream his legal bid to fight the extradition appeal. Dotcom remains wanted by US authorities who accuse him of copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering in connection with the seized Megaupload site. – READ MORE

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