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Le Pen vows to organize Frexit referendum & ban burkini if elected president


With less than a year to go to secure the hearts of the French people, Marine Le Pen, the leader of far-right party National Front, is offering something no other politician has on their agenda – the choice of leaving the EU. She also promised to defend ‘French values’ and ban the burkini.

Giving her annual speech to the nucleus of her political support in Brachay, northeastern France, where she managed to secure the greatest percentage vote in any village in the country in the 2012 presidential election, her nationalist-conservative constituents welcomed her vision.

After announcing her ambitions to join the presidential race earlier this year, Le Pen used the UK’s June decision to leave the European Union to her advantage, promising to hold a similar ‘Frexit’ referendum if elected.

“The British had the courage to choose independence despite all the prophets of doom,” she said.

“This referendum on France belonging to the European Union, I will do it. Yes it is possible to change things. Look at the Brits, they chose their destiny, they chose independence,” Le Pen said. “We can again be a free, proud and independent people.”

National Front which tends to appeal to ultra-conservatives, is often accused of being populist by reflecting on some of the most controversial issues within society.

Without a doubt, the security issues and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the wake of a number of horrific attacks across France will be on every politician’s agenda running for the top -seat in the elections, which are expected to be held in April or May of 2017. – READ MORE

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