Kentucky Rep Moves to Defund Biden Iran Deal Efforts


Rep. Andy Barr (R., Ky.) will introduce a resolution Tuesday morning that forbids the Biden administration from using federal funds to reenter the Iran nuclear deal.

The legislation elevates the role of the Senate in foreign policy matters, mandating that any part of the Iran deal that requires federal dollars must be accompanied by written statements to Congress from the administration and that the Senate can assume its powers to oversee the agreement as a treaty process.

“The Obama Administration completely bypassed Congress and the treaty process in agreeing to the disastrous Iranian Nuclear Deal,” Barr said. “Congress must reclaim its oversight of the international treaty process and not allow the Biden Administration to govern through Executive fiat.”

Barr will push the act through both the House Foreign Affairs and Financial Services committees under the title of the “JCPOA Advise and Consent Act of 2021.” The Kentucky Republican said the act intends to make Congress a firewall for any executive action related to the Iran deal, from which then-President Trump withdrew in 2018. – READ MORE

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