Kentucky governor blames video games for school shooting


Kentucky governor Matt Bevin focused on video games as a cause of the school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead. In a radio interview with WHAS on Thursday morning, Bevin said violent video games “celebrate the slaughtering of people.”

“There are games that literally replicate and give people the ability to score points for doing the very same thing that these students are doing inside of schools, where you get extra points for finishing someone off who’s lying there begging for their life.”

He went on to compare video games to pornography and questioned whether they should be protected as free speech.

“These are quote-unquote video games, and they’re forced down our throats under the guise of protected speech. It’s garbage. It’s the same as pornography. They have desensitized people to the value of human life, to the dignity of women, to the dignity of human decency.”READ MORE

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