Kathy Griffin Claims She’d Be ‘Shot’ By A Trump Supporter If She Went On A National Comedy Tour


Comedian Kathy Griffin claims that, while she’s doing well on tour overseas, she’s unable to do a U.S. national comedy tour because she’d “be shot” by a Trump supporter.

Speaking to Politico Wednesday, Griffin says that, after posing for a controversial photo that showed her holding up Donald Trump’s (fake) severed head, she’s received death threats that she’s afraid Americans will act on.

“I wish I could tour in the U.S. without getting shot — I know I can’t. I was in the middle of a 50-city tour when the tweet happened. It was canceled in 24 hours,” Griffin said, apparently unaware that the backlash to her photo was not simply swift but also, generally, bipartisan.

She went on to claim that the photo really wasn’t that bad, but that Donald Trump had escalated matters by using her stunt as a “tool” to distract from “his bad news of the day.” – READ MORE

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