‘Justice League’ Officially A Bomb: Is Ben Affleck Out As Batman?


Ben Affleck’s big budget franchise “Justice League” has officially been declared a bomb; now Warner Bros. is scrambling to pick up the pieces.

After just three weeks in release, the big superhero epic that was supposed to compete with Marvel’s “Avengers” has grossed just $201 million domestically. Contrast this other DC titles around this time: “Man of Steel,” $256 million; “Batman vs. Superman,” $301 million; “Suicide Squad,” $270 million; “Wonder Woman,” $289 million.

Not even the global box office can save this epic disaster, having grossed a meager $573 millionworldwide on a budget of $300 million. While that sounds like a profit, after factoring in marketing costs, theater revenues, and production budgets, the film has yet to break even. On a budget of $300 million, add another $100 million in marketing costs and you have an overhead of $400 million.

Since theater chains split the profits on ticket sales, the movie would have to gross upward of $700 million to get out of the red. Compare that to “Batman v. Superman,” which grossed $872.7 million worldwide despite being widely panned by critics.

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