Watch CNN Trot Out Reporter Who Published Fake News To Correct His Own Fake News


CNN made an egregious reporting error Friday on the potential connection between Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks.

The story, which was touted by the network for many hours on broadcast and social media as a bombshell turned out to be factually incorrect and insignificant. CNN’s original report definitively stated that Don Jr. received access to secret Wikileaks information via email on Sept. 4, 2016. In fact, that email was sent on Sept. 14, after the said documents were released to the public.

CNN pushed the fake story for hours, even after the email in question was made publicly available to disprove the reporting. In a humiliating move, CNN decided to have one of the authors of the debunked story go on air to “correct” his reporting.

Manu Raju went on and said his reporting was “incorrect” and is “not as significant as what we know now based on this e-mail.” Neither CNN or the reporter apologized for the error. His comments in full:

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