John Kerry’s Family Fights to Keep Peasants Away from Ancestral French Villa, Claiming Terror Threat


Saint-Briac-sur-Mer on the Brittany coast in France is a private playground for the European elite.

It’s also the home of Les Essarts, the ancestral home of former Democratic presidential candidate and former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry. It has been in his family since 1923 and was the place he regularly vacationed as a child.

But Saint-Briac is now a legal battleground between the French state and the uber-rich villa owners, including Kerry’s family, who for decades have defied a French law that allows for a small right-of-way on the city’s beach for hikers and visitors.

Now it seems that the illegal efforts by the villa owners to keep the hoi polloi out of Saint-Briac is nearing an end.

A law that passed in December 1976 ensures that the public has a three-meter right-of-way along France’s coastline. In 1982 an order was published demanding that Saint-Briac follow the law, which launched the current legal battle.

But Kerry’s cousin, Brice Lalonde — a former Green Party candidate for France’s presidency — told Le Figaro that a new concern is prompting them to flout the law.

Lalonde said he was “worried about the terrorist risk” and that “it will be easy enough to target members of my family engaged in political action.”- READ MORE

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