Joe Biden a No-Show to Greet Japanese PM—and the Preview of a President Harris Is Awful


On Friday, President Joe Biden was supposed to welcome the first international head of state to visit the White House during his administration. According to the staffer who runs the president’s Twitter account, Biden was looking forward to this press avail:

I’m not sure what it is about our alliance with Japan that needs renewing. It’s been pretty solid for decades, and President Donald Trump was a staunch ally against Chinese aggression, the biggest threat to the island nation. There were actually protests in Japan on Inauguration Day 2021. The New York Post credits President Trump’s close relationship with former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his willingness to stand up to China as the reason for his support in Japan.

Hyperbole aside, Biden was a no-show. Instead, Vice President Kamala Harris welcomed Prime Minister Suga. While she got through it without the hideous cackle that is usually present when she is nervous, her performance was still rather hideous:

Harris is either unprepared or just terrible at extemporaneous speaking. Or it could be a combination. In any case, it is cringeworthy to think she is a heartbeat away from the presidency. At her level, she should be capable of seamlessly stepping in to greet an ally in a polished and appropriate manner. Instead, she showed herself halting and grasping for words. – READ MORE

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