Jeffrey Epstein had all the telltale signs of a fraud, but still had ‘em all fooled


The world’s most notorious creep met his maker just over a week ago in what has officially been ruled a suicide.

But many still doubt that finding. And that’s not the only question surrounding convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Known as a filthy rich bon vivant and money man, he was in reality merely a performer, a fraud of the highest and most heinous type.

Epstein managed to creep his way into some of the highest places in the world on the back of a meticulously made-up mosaic of phony accolades by holding himself out as some sort of a mathematical savant — a financier extraordinaire.

But the vagaries of his past are the things that make those in the know spot a fraud. Believed to be a “Wall Street guy,” Epstein worked at Bear Stearns for just over four years before essentially being thrown out.

And there isn’t any legend to how he made his fortune. When I asked around Wall Street, nobody could point to the great market or trading calls Epstein made — because there most likely were none.

He had all the telltale signs of a Bernie Madoff-style fraudulent façade, a carefully sculpted image designed to impress beyond reproach. – READ MORE

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